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Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

by Lindsay Mamchur, 6 August 2019
Undergraduate Research Poster Competition
1 - 4:30 | Thursday 24 October 2019
Manitoba Rooms 210 - 224
University Centre, University of Manitoba
On 24 October, Lindsay participated in the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition at the University of Manitoba.
The event is a showcase of the research work completed by undergraduate students, with academic advisors, in the past year. The competition is put on by the University of Manitoba's Office of the Vice-President (Research and International), the same office that organizes the Undergraduate Research Award.
Lindsay entered the competition with a poster entitled Reading Photographs: Robert Adams' Sunday School. 
The poster explored the creative and analytical process of reading photographs as social artifacts. It communicated the role of reading photographs as essential to the study of photography. It broke down the process for viewers and engaged in a sample reading of Robert Adams' image, Sunday School
Additionally, the poster sought to examine the relationship between visual literacy, critical thinking, and reading photographs. Lindsay hoped viewers of her poster would leave with an understanding that reading photographs is both an exercise in visual literacy and a form of critical thinking.
Lindsay won first prize in her category, Creative Works.
More information about the competition:
Photo credit: C. Stoski
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