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Andreas Gursky and an Economy of Scale

by Eleanor Beaumont

Eleanor Beaumont examines the social and economic themes of Andreas Gursky’s photography. She includes several photographs in the discussion, including Paris, Montparnasse (1993), Salerno I (1990), and Amazon (2016). These images are described as representative of the global economy: monumental, concerned with mass phenomena, complexly composed, and decentralized. Beaumont notes the role of digital manipulation in Gursky’s work to abstract, dramatize pattern, and densify the frame with detail. In this way, Gursky challenges notions of truth in photography and experiments in ways that highlight the medium’s unique representational abilities.

Eleanor Beaumont is the Deputy Editor at the Architectural Review.
Beaumont, Eleanor. “Andreas Gursky and an Economy of Scale.” Architectural Review 244, 1451 (April 2018): 44 – 49.
Review by Lindsay Mamchur
June 2020
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