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Food for Thought

by Lindsay Mamchur, 8 October 2019
Food for Thought Lecture
Noon | Tuesday 8 October 2019
Centre Space, John A. Russell Building
Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

On 8 October, Hanna and Lindsay presented a lecture entitled
Photography and the Built Environment: the summer research project to their peers and faculty. In the lecture they shared their experience as research assistants through the Undergraduate Research Award program. 

The lecture introduced some of the photographers they studied throughout the summer including Anthony Haughey, Donovan Wylie, Candida Höfer and Robert Adams. In an open discussion, Hanna and Lindsay examined relationships between the works through the themes surveillance, settlement and framing and suggested strategies for reading photographs.

The presentation sought to foster a greater interest in the University of Manitoba’s Undergraduate Research Award, in the subjects of Hanna, Lindsay and Dr. Close’s research and in the upcoming book.

The presentation was made possible by Kelley Beaverford, Head of the Department of Interior Environments at the Faculty of Architecture. Additional thanks goes out to Brandy O'Reilly and Erin Rawluk for their help in organizing the lecture and promotional material. 

The Undergraduate Research Award is offered by the University of Manitoba's Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) and Hanna and Lindsay are thankful to have been chosen to participate.

Finally, Hanna and Lindsay would like to thank Dr. Close for including them in her research this summer, for encouraging their discovery of new interests and passions, and for creating a valuable and enriching mentorship experience.
Photo credit: D. Mamchur
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