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Tuileries and Parc de Sceaux: a Comparative Reading

by Lindsay Mamchur, 5 August 2020

This video is a real-time handwritten reading of two photographs: Eugène Atget’s Tuileries - Jardin de Robespierre and one of my images from Parc de Sceaux. As the titles suggest, Atget’s image was made at the Tuileries Garden in central Paris and mine at Parc de Sceaux in the southern suburbs. Atget’s image is dated c. 1911 while mine was made last year, 2019.

In my analysis of both photographs, I consider formal, conceptual, historical, and social parallels and distinctions.

My interpretations address:

  • atmosphere + shared memory in public urban space

  • park sculpture and changing ideas on the relationship between humans + nature

  • historical monuments in contemporary public space


Atget, Eugène. Tuileries - Jardin de Robespierre. c. 1911. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.

Mamchur, Lindsay. [Parc de Sceaux.] 2019.

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