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These images originate from Haughey's Settlement series.
After the collapse of the Celtic Tiger economy in Ireland, many housing developments were left abandoned. Haughey photographed the images of the abandoned estates in 2011 during the shift between dusk and dawn to capture the eerie essence of the ghost estates.
This image comes from a joint exhibition that Haughey was featured entitled Field Notes from the Border. The exhibition featured Irish artists whose work reflects the ongoing border disputes in Northern Ireland. 
This image is apart of Haughey's Citizen series. Haughey photographed the residents of Butlin's Mosney Accomodation Centre, which is a residence for people seeking asylum. Haughey's Citizen series seeks to address anxieties regarding immigration and the Irish border.
This image is drawn from from Haughey's Disputed Territory series. In the series, Haughey explores areas of post-conflict from different parts of Europe including Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Kosovo.
Anthony Haughey is an Irish artist and lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology whose work has shed light on conflicts around Europe including in Ireland and Bosnia.
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